Weather permitting, I like to paint on location with a pochade box, tripod, and clamp-on umbrella. And my hat, cup of coffee, and sunscreen. Not to mention the bug spray, camera, and extra paper towels and canvases.

After about six trips back and forth to the car, I’m usually good to go.

I’ve watched all the videos about how to organize your equipment into one small pack, but my approach is more akin to passengers boarding the Titanic with enough stuff to get started in the New World.  

Painting en plein air has its challenges as anyone will tell you who’s watched a canvas sail away on a blustery day, had a painting licked off by a passing cow (yes, this happened to me), or carefully set up in a perfect location only to have a truck park directly in front of the view.

It’s all worth it in the end, of course. Just ask Monet.



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