Coleridge Way
Monhegan Morning
Salcombe Sky
A Short Walk to the Sea
Cottage Garden, Monhegan Island
June Twilight, Monhegan
Below the Covered Bridge
Thetford September
Tilling Time
Springtime in Boston Public Garden
January Branches in Gramercy Park
Springtime in TriBeCa
Smells like Spring
From the Top of the Bus, Devon
The Last Port of Call
Gone Swimming
Blues at Greens
Another Midnight Snack
Looking Up
Grazing with a View to the Sea, Devon
Wellesley, April 23rd
Morning on Fish Beach
Last Rays on Fisher Beach
Cosmos and Cumulus
Last Orange Falling, Thetford
Winding Down to the Sea
Pretty in Pink
June, Inside Out
View of Ireland (from Monhegan cliffs)
Borrowed Umbrella
Hydrangea Hiding
Through the Topiary
The Connecticut River Runs Through It
Go with the Flow
Somerset Summer
Last Light
Hutton-in-the-Forest Poppies
Hartland Stripes
On the Edge
Almost Up
Orange cat, orange lilies
On the Way to Windermere
Fish Beach from Room 30, Monhegan
Crayon Box Colors
Copse in the Hay Field
Poets' Path
Summerdale Gate
Along the Way to the MFA
Hartland Stripes in Green
Midnight Snack
July Sky
Pasture Sky
First Snow over Jericho
Moon Walk
Monhegan Yarrow
Cloudland Curve
Lyme Green
River Road Oaks, Thetford
Barb's Barn
Light at the End
Friday Night
Mainely Rocks
Indian Pond Road Purples
Twenty Foot Plunge
Vellow Yellow
An English Garden
"Twenty Foot" Swimming Hole
Reflecting on Post Pond
Venus in the Reeds
Somerset Stripes
Orford Orange on a Saturday Afternoon
Stonington Morning
Island Layers
The Moon is Full; The Sheep Never
Winter Twilight, St. Paul's Chapel, New York City
Reedy Twilight
Cedar Circle Farm Crop Colors
It Dawned on Chatham
Last Chance on Sunday
Stonington Cupcake
Central Park March
Ottaquechee October
Green Slivers
Misty Manana
Fishing Shanty on Post Pond
Cumbria Greens
Breck Hill, Lyme
Sawrey Stonewalls
After the Storm, from the Fairlee Bridge
On The Way to Libby's
Cosmos and Clapboards
Island Garden
Green and Pleasant Land
Cool Green Swim
Pinky-Winkies by the Doorstep
Seaweed Gold
First Turning
Looking Up
Kayak Cove
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