The charcoal drawings are on 22 x 30 inch Stonehenge paper. Along with compressed and vine charcoal, I use erasers, stumps, and chamois cloth to achieve the various values and effects.

The eraser is as important a tool as the charcoal itself because it provides a sort of painterly texture not possible with the charcoal alone. 

The other important tool is my hand, rubbing the charcoal into the paper for a deeper black or smearing across the paper.

In some ways, drawing with charcoal is more like finger-painting than drawing — a messy business, yet one with unexpected rewards. For example, you may finally find out what you'd look like as a chimney sweep.



Drawings are available for sale if not marked sold (hover to see name, size, and availability).
Framed in matte black metal frames with white conservation mats.

26 x 36 // $650

Shipping for large pieces can be arranged.
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