When I was ten years old, what I wanted from life was simple; namely, to do a cover for The New Yorker. I also wanted a horse, but even I knew that was unrealistic.

I grew up with my parcel of crayons and paints in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where instead of trappings like cities or museums or grocery stores with avocados, we had squeaky-clean air, long dazzling winters, and magnificent Lake Superior. The lake was the backdrop to every view looking north, a slice of deep blue along the horizon. If my childhood had a theme color, that blue would be it.

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t compelled to make pictures, influenced not only by the surrounding countryside and the art on a certain magazine cover, but also by illustrations in my favorite children’s books. I poured over them, making copies, trying to figure out how the artists did what they did.

Oddly, none of the people making these books lived anywhere near my neck of the woods. The East seemed to be the place for artists. When the time came for college, I headed to New England to study art.

I live here still, in New Hampshire, where we have squeaky-clean air and long dazzling winters. The landscape closely resembles those scenes in the children’s books that fed my imagination for so many years. And sure enough, you can't swing a dead cat around your head without hitting an artist. 

I do miss Lake Superior, but in a pinch, there’s always the Atlantic Ocean.

And I’m still waiting for that call from New York . . .


1984  Master of Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills Michigan
1978  Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art Major, University of New Hampshire, Durham New Hampshire
1975  Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo Michigan


Solo Exhibitions

2018 Chew & Co. Design, Hanover New Hampshire 2017 Osher @ Dartmouth, Hanover New Hampshire
2014  Long River Studios, Lyme, New Hampshire
2008  Ledyard Gallery, Howe Library, Hanover, New Hampshire
2005  Governor’s Pavilion, Montpelier, Vermont
2000  Stoddard Center at Cardigan Mountain School, Canaan, New Hampshire
1993  The Taylor Gallery at Kimball Union Academy, Meriden, New Hampshire
1991, 2008, 2012  Betty Grant Gallery, Converse Free Library, Lyme, New Hampshire

Juried and Group Exhibitions

2018 Patricia Carega Gallery, Center Sandwich New Hampshire 2018 Copley Society of Art Small Works Show, Boston Massachusetts, Award of Merit 2018 Library Arts Center, Selections Exhibit, Newport, New Hampshire—Selection Winner 2018 Library Arts Center, Black and White, Newport, New Hampshire

2017 Copley Society of Art Small Works Show, Boston Massachusetts, Award of Merit
2016  Copley Society of Art New Members Show, Boston Massachusetts
2013 AVA  Gallery Drawing Invitational, Lebanon, New Hampshire
2013  Long River Studios, Lyme, New Hampshire
1994,1997, 2000, 2013  AVA Gallery Juried Summer Exhibition, Lebanon, New Hampshire
2009 Betty Grant Gallery, Converse Free Library, Lyme, New Hampshire
1995  Epic Gallery, Naples, Florida
1995  The Mill, Bradford, Vermont
1994-1996  Windsor Gallery of Art, Windsor, Vermont
1994  Museum at Lower Shaker Village, Enfield, New Hampshire
1994  Galleria Arts, Hanover, New Hampshire
1993  Sharon Arts Center, Peterborough, New Hampshire
1992  Galley 53, Hanover, New Hampshire
1984  Cranbrook Museum of Art, Degree Exhibition, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


Copley Society of Art, Boston Massachusetts

Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery, Center Sandwich New Hampshire

Matt Brown Fine Art, Lyme New Hampshire

Chapman's Store, Fairlee Vermont

Long River Gallery, White River Junction Vermont



Westshire Elementary School, West Fairlee, Vermont, 2006-2007

Published Work


Head to a Pleasant Spot, Susan Blackaby (Flyleaf Publishing, 2014)
Cousin Trouble, Susan Blackaby (Flyleaf Publishing, 2014)
Dot and Dan, Laura Appleton-Smith (Flyleaf Publishing, 2010)
Dot Likes to Dig, Laura Appleton-Smith (Flyleaf Publishing, 2010)
Pam Takes a Nap, Laura Appleton-Smith (Flyleaf Publishing, 2010)
Joyce Writes a Good Story, Carolyn Crimi (McGraw-Hill, 2000)
Joyce’s Story, Carolyn Crimi (Open Court Publishing, 1995)
Superhero to the Rescue, Anne O’Brien (Open Court Publishing, 1995)
Sinbad the Pig, Anne O’Brien, Robert O’Brien (Open Court Publishing, 1995)
Laughing All the Way, George Shannon (Houghton Mifflin, 1992)


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“Where’s Aunt Greta?” Ta-Daa! magazine, Ta-Daa! Enterprises, Inc.
“Click and the Kids,” Click magazine, Carus Publishing Company, Cricket Magazine Group